Programs For Young Athletes

Columbus Fit, LLC is rapidly becoming the local leader in youth strength training based upon performance increases and injury avoidance of past clients.

Training young athletes or out of shape adolescents is a complicated science. Both psychologically and physically, the challenges are numerous and run deep. At Columbus Fit, LLC Dr. Tom Crump (Ph.D. Cell and Structural Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis) specializes in teaching growing young athletes about the pitfalls and dangers of fitness centers. In addition, triathlete Ben Weaver (B.A. Sports Science, Purdue) trains the most serious and dedicated young athletes to be patient for results, avoiding the quick fix.

First of all your young athlete will feel comfortable at Columbus Fit, LLC. We do not tolerate bullying, intimidating, or other types of weak-minded dominating behavior. Our environment is youth-friendly; our community is cooperative and educational. Our equipment is designed for comfort so that you don't put sheering force on growing joints. Our technique instruction is conducive to respecting the anatomical integrity of connective tissues, growing bones, and developmentally sensitive motions (also known as ergonomics), so your young athlete will recover from workouts properly.

Secondly, the equipment at Columbus Fit, LLC is built for all body types, not just prototypical stocky football players. Our equipment is designed by Cybex International. Not every facility can afford Cybex International because there are many ergonomics experts necessary to design superior physical therapy or safe strength training equipment. Columbus Fit, LLC invests in Cybex because in the long run the investment saves you from injury, which is a lot more expensive than a fitness center membership.

Finally, the training that your youth will recieve at Columbus Fit, LLC exceeds high school level strength training in almost every capacity. Instead of learning bad habits by behavioral modeling of what they see in the local basement gym, your growing athlete will be taught by a professional who has studied modern university research on muscle, nerves, and connective tissues for over 15 years. Your youth will not engage in unsafe whipping action motions, unsafe heavy load one-repetition weight maximums, and exercises that are too advanced for humans under the age of 22 years of age. Most strength trainers are not even aware that they are causing bone disturbances with their programs, a prospect that limits your growing athlete's potential long before college.

For instance most golfers do not understand that the human structure is a bilaterally symetrical one. Swinging with high velocity and force in one direction requires opposite vectoral strength training to maintain symetry in the body. Disturbingly, far too few golfers and baseball batters recieve adequate bilateral training leading to unwanted repetitive stress spinal injuries later in life. Symptoms include numbness or pain in one hand, shoulder, arm, or leg than the other.

Advanced athletes are ready for speed and endurance training or vertical leap training. Training for speed requires a base knowledge in strength training, and near perfect form in strength training execution prior to beginning.

Training prices available by phone or email or 812 418 8738.