Note there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for classes

(as of 2/8/2011)

CFit boasts the largest Zumba class in the country

(schedule changes with instructor participation)

CARDIO CIRCUIT: For any level participant (flexible scale of energy output can be modulated on a sliding threshold for all). Circuit training involves exercise at a variety of stations to work a different complement of muscles at each station, while enabling recovery of different muscle groups.

YOGA/PILATES/FLEXIBLE STRENGTH: A one hour class for all levels. This class incorporates Yoga and Pilate’s movements, breathing techniques and theories to produce a class that will increase your body awareness, reduce stress, and increase strength and flexibility. BACKACHES? This class focuses on the core of your body – your abdominals and your lower back while also attempting to lengthen and strengthen the rest of your body. Spinal elongation stretches can be provided at the desk for no additional charge. Excellent for beginners!

FIGHTER TRAINING: A one hour cardio/muscle class for all levels of self-defense enthusiasts, men and women of all ages. Tighten your abs and tone your hips in this intense workout. This class has excellent male, female, and youth/child participation. Fast exercises are included to burn carbohydrates as well as slow resistance exercises to burn fats. The group dynamic is motivating and will teach you proper form and injury preventative tips in strikes and counterstrikes, escapes, bars, chokes, and pins.

KID/ADULT KARATE: Great for kids for an energy release and discipline, children will not only be required to be focused and well-mannered during class, but will be given household chores and assignments that must be checked off by parents in order to have fun and participate. A small fee for a uniform and belts will be required, but at only a fraction of the cost of a typical dojo (school). Karate, or "empty hand", will teach the participant balance, flexibility, posture, and body alignment during equal emphases of form (kata), self-defense, and sparring. Some pads may be required but can be purchased at the desk for a discount of market prices.

CARDIO KICKBOXING: A 60 minute class for beginner to advanced participants. – all levels welcome. Just remember to listen to you body and go at your own pace.

ZUMBA: Latin dance aerobics. Each class is very motivating and literally feels like a party, an awesome workout! Awesome music from our IPOD system. Enjoy the "largest Zumba class in the country", per Zumba National officer statement, only at Columbus Fit.

SPINNING: Stationary cycles never moved so fast! A rigorous cardiovascular workout. Great for muscle metabolism! With 22 spinners and 3 different instructors, Columbus Fit can accomodate you!

BODY BUILDER PREP: Learn to train to be in the natural bodybuilder shows, or just build mass in an efficient, clean, steroid-free environment.