Diet Recommendations

Diet: whatever you want

Diets are risky and somewhat outdated in terms of effectiveness in weight management and fat management. Diets can starve muscle preferentially to fat and actually slow down your body's ability to burn fat. Such diets are extremely dangerous and should only be conducted if spinal cord injury or other degenerative diseases are limiting the body's muscular effectiveness.

Metabolic plans are the way of the future because your body is capable of burning more calories than you can consume if you stimulate your body correctly. Although pharmacological approaches do exist to stimulate metabolism, all natural slow motion resistance training on the skeletal muscle is safe and effective without the use of prescriptions, stimulants, or untested nutraceuticals. For more information about metabolic workshop see the link on this web site.

So why does it say "whatever you want" under diet? What if I "want" to eat 6 pizzas per day and 200 life savers candies? Guess what? You won't want to eat that if you work out, because your body will guide you to healthier foods so that it can repair the damage caused to the muscle by training. So "whatever you want" will usually work for you in time as your body seeks out what it needs which is in healthier choices of foods. You won't want healthier foods if you cannot work out, and you'll binge on empty calories in many cases.