Lifestyle Training

If you are absolutely DETERMINED to learn how to lose body fat, you can purchase the extreme body makeover program. You will be fully assisted and guided through three workouts per day as well as several dietary workshops, science of fitness classes, one on one discussions of behavioral and motivational issues, textbook learning, and lifestyle scheduling. You will learn a multitude of workout styles and exercises so that you custom choose the ones you like best or that provide results the fastest. You will learn that it is possible to eat very very well including rich foods without retarding fat loss. The key is knowing which foods to eat at what times.

In order to participate in this program you must have a doctor's approval (phone call or letter will suffice). You will need 3-5 hours of time to work out each day. You will need 1-2 hours for lecture/discussion each day.

Your meals will be completely logged and monitored. You are welcome to spend as much time at the facility as you wish for additional support and motivation. You will meet with various fitness experts (business owners, professors, aerobics instructors, etc.) depending upon your needs so that you can gleam information from different sources to find approaches that work for you. You will need to be available by phone at all times for surprize phone call checking for lifestyle reminders.


Your body will be non-invasively monitored 2-3 times per day, measuring percent body fat, body water, muscle, metabolic rate, metabolic age, and bone density. You will be working out 2-3 times per day (depending upon schedule) with increasing intensity based upon your abilities, spread out through the day/night depending upon your schedule. We will prime your metabolism to rapidly burn calories while you rest.


You will participate in initial and progress-dependent television advertisement to take full responsibility for the decision to get in shape. When you work out with Dr. Crump, you will learn how to love intensity without making yourself stressed and tense. You will learn how good it feels to have a body that is respiring efficiently and working out without risks of injury. Feel how motivating and inspired you are when metabolic waste is cleaned from your brain by healthy cleansed bloodflow.


Remember we're going to have fun, but you're going to feel the burn of a lifetime as your fatty acid carbon chains are exhaled into the air as CO2. We're going to set you up on different schedules that will be memorized, so that when you break into your independent life you'll have an arsonal of attacks when you feel your motivation drain. You are not going to miss any workouts. I know where you are!


Because the body is simply the life support system for our brains, and the brain is the life support system for emotion, you will learn how your activity regulates your emotion. You will therefore learn how to take control of your emotions deliberately by taking control of your actions.
Although the degree of control can be delayed and diffused, in time it does come around to result in REAL differences that YOU desire.


The cost of this extreme body makeover is significant. You will be required to turn over $5,000.00 (sort of like a deposit but we will transfer to our account). At the end of the 30 days you will be refunded a percentage of your money based upon your results below! The portion we retain will pay for nutritional supplements including vitamins, protein smoothies, smart zero calorie energy drinks, etc. and for training services.

You will be refunded $1000.00 for completing the 30 day program. You will be refunded $200.00 for every pound of muscle you build (measured to nearest 1/10th). You will be refunded $50.00 for every pound of fat that you burn (measured to nearest 1/10th).

Average fat loss during an intense program is 10-15 pounds. Average muscle built is 2-4 pounds.

Bear in mind that we recommend slower and steadier fat loss because it is more easily sustained than short term fat loss, however building muscle sustains fat loss for as long as the muscle remains on the body. Average cost of the program is $3000.00 after refund. At the end of the program you will know everything you need to know to continue your results at a sustainable pace. Further training will be provided at $30.00 per hour if you wish to keep in the loop by working out with Dr. Crump. Further body fat/water/muscle/bone/metabolism measurements are available at no charge.

Email us at for program itenerary.