Metabolic Workshop

Dr. F. Thomas Crump specializes in tracking progress of member fitness programs. Most fitness center members have a goal of burning fat at one time or another. By regularly testing body fat percentage, it is relatively easy to tell whether the current workout program is effective in eliminating unhealthy core body fat.

Although the media would like you to believe that weight loss is best attained through diet, Dr. Crump will instruct you and provide proof that the body is capable of burning fat rapidly relatively independent of what you're eating. Just ask for Metabolic workshop, provided to non-Columbus Fit members at $50.00 per class (unlimited people may attend) or members at $20.00. Dr. Crump will schedule a time that is convenient for YOU, please allow 24 hour notice and 1 hour for the class.

Metabolic workshop focuses on informing people why the body is building fat (typically because a person is UNDER MUSCULAR). That's right, its not possible to have a lot of muscle and a lot of fat at the same time, at least not for very long. Muscle is the primary fat-burning furnace of the body and Dr. Crump will teach you how to stimulate your muscle to burn fat not just while you workout, but during your resting phase. As little as one month of training can result in the body burning 15,000 to 20,000 more calories each month, WHILE YOU REST. Learn how with metabolic workshop's slide show, muscle chart analysis, and equipment proprioception training.

During Metabolic workshop we measure your total body fat percentage, body water percentage, core body fat percentage, pounds of lean muscle, number of calories burned per day, metabolic age (adjusted for average stress on the heart from bodyfat), and pounds of high density bone. Because each pound of fat is approximately 3500 calories, it is then easy to calculate how many calories must be burned over the desired time by building muscle. Do not fear YOU WILL NOT GET BULKY. Fat burning muscle is much less hypertrophic than other muscle, meaning your body will become more lean and compact.

Because muscle is 7-8 times more dense than fat, when you burn bulky fat tissue by building muscle (separate processes), your body becomes much smaller in profile.