Nutritional Consultation

Media and Science are in conflict.

The media wants you to think that diet is the most important regulator of body fat. Well guess what? That misinformation is exactly wrong. Diet programs can be expensive, often involve expensive supplements and meal augmentation, strict rules, complicated systems, and uncomfortable starvation. Why does media want you to diet? So you'll buy their pills, programs, plans, and products.

Is it possible to lose body fat without dieting? ABSOLUTELY. At Columbus Fit, LLC our most successful program focuses on stimulating the body to burn calories and allows you to eat all you feel you need to eat. Depending upon how much lean muscle mass you can build, you can burn calories so rapidly that you will actually have to CONSUME POUNDS OF EXTRA FAT MONTHLY just to sustain that muscle.

The average person consumes about 1800 to 2200 calories per day or 60,000 calories per month. The average person burns about 1700 - 2100 calories per day, or 57,000 calories per month. Fat is built over a period of time due to this 100 calorie deficit. 35 days of this 100 calorie deficit builds a pound of fat.

For every 3-5 pounds of muscle on the body, you burn approximately 10,000 to 15,000 calories per month. Thus if the average diet consumes 60,000 calories but average metabolism burns 57,000 calories, one needs only to build 3-5 pounds of muscle to burn an extra 7,000 more calories per month than is consumed, if the diet doesn't change.

So why do diets fail? Diets starve muscle and fat. After a diet, the body is left with less muscle, and thus, you're burning less fat as the diet slips back to the pre-diet intake, when willpower slips away again. This is often associated with binge eating etc.

Vitamins and minerals speed up your metabolism too. Try it. Come to Columbus Fit and buy our athletic vitamins called Ultra-4. Take 4 per day for a month and you will feel your body temperature rise. It is a noticeable difference all for only $12.95, a $20.00 value.

More misinformation. Cardiovascular exercise burns fat. In fact it takes 20-40 minutes to induce significant fat burning during cardiovascular exercise such as walking, jogging, and aerobics. Most people quit before they reach 30 minutes. So what did you burn during that initial phase of exercise? Sugars stored as liver glycogen, which by recent estimates have increased from the 1950's to much larger stores in the liver than previously thought. It was once thought that fat burning in the muscle occurs as early as 8-10 minutes after exercise, but if your body stores more glycogen because of high carb modern diets, it takes longer to deplete these carbs to induce fat burning exercise... And you'll eat more carbs after exercise to replace that lost sugar, all the while converting some of that sugar to fat.

Sugar is white death. For more on how to burn fat call Dr. Tom Crump at Columbus Fit and schedule an appointment to learn to burn fat efficiently via Metabolic workshop. If you don't understand why the foods in the picture below are bad for your bodyfat levels, consult us immediately.


(MRI photo modified from National Geographic, August 2004)