Please initial each rule below as an indication that you agree to follow these terms. Failure to do so will result in 1 warning then complete revoking of membership.

_______ Sexual harassment is taken very seriously at Columbus Fit, LLC. This facility is provided as a health resource for the community and not as a ‘dating forum’. I understand this fact and will not participate sexual misconduct, and that females and males are equally responsible for mature and professional conduct. I will refrain from inappropriate spectator activity and/or making anyone feel uncomfortable during workouts, including initiating excessive dialog, staring, or making sexual advances.

_______ Other forms of harassment that I will not participate include: recruiting Columbus Fit, LLC, members to churches, group gatherings, cults, etc. in conversation when not specifically requested by other members. Such harassment includes any solicitation of goods or services whatsoever not carried by Columbus Fit, LLC for retail sale. Columbus Fit, LLC, has access to any products and may choose to honor your request to sell merchandise or services that relate to fitness. Simply ask us.

_______ Columbus Fit, LLC, reserves the right to collect a urine specimen to test for illegal drugs, chemical compounds, alcohol, non-prescription, or dangerous prescription pharmacologically active agents from any person entering the facility. This test is voluntary upon our request and expenses will be debited to the member’s account (AT MEMBER COST). I will not use supplementary steroids, amphetamines, pain killers, and topical carrying solvents at Columbus Fit, LLC, and will not enter the facility with these agents in my blood stream/body. I understand that although not illegal, mass building programs like cybergenics, androstenodione, DHEA, iodine drops, and nicotinic acid agents are frowned upon except in severe cases of malnourishment or atrophy under guidance of board certified physician.

_______ Columbus Fit, LLC, is a non-smoking facility. I will not smoke here. I am, however, permitted to use nicotinic acid agents (patch, gum, emerging muscle building agents etc.) if it is legal and advisable to do so.

_______ Chewing gum, waste paper, empty water bottles etc. should be put in proper waste baskets. Columbus Fit, LLC, can keep your prices lower if you agree to help us keep the place clean. I will help keep the place tidy as well, whenever possible. This includes the fact that leaving paper goods, food, or gum in sinks or on equipment is a violation that will result in loss of membership.

_______ Excessive grunting, weight slamming, dangerous activities, combat maneuvers, weight stack dropping, weight bar swinging, or otherwise dangerous behavior is not tolerated outside of the combat room/classes. I will not use weights beyond my strength to control from the point I pick it up until fatigue. I will encourage other members and weight spotters to help me control weights beyond my ability upon muscle failure.

_______ I agree that I will not stink and annoy others with my olfactory presence when I enter Columbus Fit, LLC. Violators will be promptly removed. Foot powder is not permitted in locker rooms unless you vacuum your mess. Remember, don’t stink.

_______ I agree that the shower facilities at Columbus Fit, LLC, are for rare occasions that I cannot shower or change at home before entering the facility. I will not linger around the locker areas (bathroom mirrors etc.) completely naked, and I will limit the time I spend in the nude to the shower area only. I realize that I will be escorted out without warning if I violate this rule, a potentially embarrassing situation.

_______ I will be friendly and courteous to other members, and patient of other’s use of equipment. I will always try to allow others to “work in” and share equipment whenever possible, as long as 4 or more people are not working through one piece of equipment at one time. I understand that if someone asks to “work in” on equipment, that I have the responsibility to accommodate this request.

_______ I will not rest for longer than necessary (approximately 10 seconds) on equipment between sets, because others are entitled to use it while I recover. Instead, I will step aside the equipment (indicating that I intend to use it again very soon) and rest there.

_______ I will not adjust light switches, ceiling fan rate, sauna temperatures, air conditioning or heat temperatures, or stereo volume without permission from an employee at Columbus Fit, LLC.

_______ I will not enter restricted areas such as the information desk, child activity area, pool area, storage rooms, mechanical rooms, attics etc. unless there I have employee authorization to do so. I will wait for employees to sell me supplements, water, or other products and will not take such things as if there existed an ‘honor policy’.

_______ I agree to return weights to the appropriate storage racks when completed with workouts. This does not mean I put them where I find them, rather, I will replace them where they are supposed to be stored if I find them left out of place. In addition, I will report abusers of this rule to the information desk.

_______ I understand that Columbus Fit, LLC, establishes the facility as a fitness community where sharing resources is just as important in keeping costs low as timely payment of dues.

_______ I will wipe off equipment after use if I am a profuse sweater or am conducting activity that results in excessive perspiration. Simple Green TM cleanser is available upon request, as recommended for Cybex equipment.

_______ I agree that if I do not follow the rules at Columbus Fit, LLC, that I will lose my membership privileges after a single warning (resulting in membership card marking and administrative recording) without claim to a refund for the current month.

_______ I understand that if I refer several individuals to Columbus Fit, LLC, and these referrals result in increased memberships, that my membership dues may be significantly reduced and/or entirely waived.

_______ I understand that Columbus Fit, LLC, employees, instructors, and trainers are provided with unlimited memberships free of charge as part of affiliate/employee compensation.

_______ I understand that I am responsible for my own body, and injury resulting from my participation in activities at Columbus Fit, LLC, are my sole legal and financial responsibility.

_______ I understand that I am not permitted to use any equipment at Columbus Fit, LLC, including new additions/expansions, until my membership is updated with appropriate orientation.

_______ I understand that Dr. F. Thomas Crump, CEO of Columbus Fit, LLC, is a Ph.D. scientist in molecular and cell biology, anatomy and neurobiology, M.S. in biophysics, and B.S. in psychology and biology, which is completely different than a medical doctor. Information and techniques presented in the Columbus Fit, LLC Handbook (provided for a fee upon request) are presented for your personal use and critique. Although the handbook presents only well-respected work of other Ph.D. scientists, board certified physicians, dieticians, and exercise trainers, the handbook is not a certified medical document. I understand that although my personal physician may have limited knowledge in metabolic scientific detail and emerging breakthroughs in clinical research etc., contacting my physician regarding conflicts or points of interest is always a good start for my personal fitness needs.

_______ I will not tell lies or otherwise mislead Columbus Fit, LLC employees regarding statements of other employees “bending rules”, or any other subject matter related to fitness center activity. Those caught in lies will be removed without warning.

_______ I will not leave my children at Columbus Fit LLC in the children’s area and leave the facility without them if another guardian (not an employee or contractor of Columbus Fit, LLC) is not at the facility.

_______ I do not have any medical disabilities that would be a danger to myself or others if I join Columbus Fit, LLC. Examples of such risks include but are not limited to: heart conditions, seizures, respiratory disorders or shortness of breath, chest pains, rigidity or tremor, narcolepsy, behavioral disorders, thrombosis, acardiohemia, claudication, abnormally low bone density, skeletal muscle disorders, restenosis, circulatory disorders, immune dysfunction, neurological disorders, stroke, etc. If I do have disabilities that may cause concern they are listed below (please include diabetis, any heart attacks, strokes, current medications (nitroglycerine) etc. if pertinent), and I will work out in moderation and/or use other physician-recommended techniques to control the issues:

***I, the member applicant, have read all of the above Columbus Fit rules and agree to follow the rules and realize that failure to do so results in revoking of membership.

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