Columbus Fit Staff and Associated Contractors
Our Friendly Staff:
Tom Crump, Ph.D. IUPUC Adjunct Instructor and Research Scholar, Vertical Leap instructor, Metabolism and Nutrition Instructor, Strength Instructor
Athena Crump
Spinning Instructor, athletic training, student at University of Indianapolis in fitness, developmental, occupational, and physical therapy
Lee Hoover -
Lee's Smoothies, Softball consultant, Nutritional Consultant, and Desk Contractor
Ben Weaver, BA
Athletic Trainer, Sports Science, IronMan Triathlete
Davin Greenwell, EMT
Athletic Trainer, Body Builder Prep Instructor
Davida Devins
Desk Employee
Phillipa Stam
Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist
Tracey Warren
Aerobics Instructor and Personal Trainer
Jason Henderson
Martial Arts and Certified Trainer
Scott Billings
Personal Trainer
Harvey Scruggs
Speed and Agility Training (Football)
Brooke King
Zumba Instructor
Shelly Brosemer
Desk Contractor
Scott Parker - Facility Maintenance and Desk Contractor