Personal Trainer

Why hire a personal trainer? Usually people hire personal trainers for motivation. What we find interesting at Columbus Fit is how very little people really know about what happens in the body during and after resistance training or cardiovascular exercise. We have found that informing you of these phenomena is very motivating, because understanding how your body burns fat to repair muscle is an important part of understanding why it is important to feel "sore".

Ideally we want to train people to be independent as well as safe (although most people would benefit greatly from 10 training sessions stretched out over 10 weeks). Training is most important to correct form and technique to prevent injury and to obtain results. Even people that have worked out for years have admitted to learning a lot from discussions at the Columbus Fit help desk. The scientific fields of kinesiology and biophysics have advanced a lot in the past five years. Let our expertise help you.

Dr. Crump has trained varsity collegiate athletes in vertical leap, speed, endurance, and strength training at the Natatorium in Indianapolis and at the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana. Dr. Crump's background includes a Masters degree in biophysics, Ph.D. in molecular/cell and structural biology, and clinical rotations in spinal cord injury and cardiovascular dynamics. Metabolism is biochemistry simplified. Let Tom teach you how to burn fat as rapidly as the mammalian metabolic system is capable. You'll be surprized how easy it can be. If you prove you can be serious, Tom is usually available at no additional fee for brief consultation.

If personal fitness trainers for regular use are desired, try the following:

Ben Weaver IRON MAN triathlete - $50/hr, package deals available

Davin Greenwell EMT, Body Builder - $25/hr, package deals avail.

Nicole Hutton, Cert. Trainer, Gymnast, Zumba & Dance - $25/hr

Craig Holcomb, Self Defense and Security - $50/hr