Trainer Biographies

F. Thomas Crump :Ph.D. Molecular, Cell, and Structural Biology, M.S. Biophysics- Scientific Trainer: Tom is a part owner of Columbus Fit, LLC. Tom received a masters degree from Purdue University in lipid membrane biophysics studying fatty acids, cholesterol, and vitamin E. Tom's Ph.D. in Cell and Structural Biology began at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and finished at Washington University Medical School and Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. Tom's industry and post-doctoral experience includes rotations in spinal cord injury, cardiovascular dynamics, and breast cancer research. Tom's teaching experience and awards make him the number one choice in the area for scientific training. Tom was an independent scientific trainer for University of Illinois varsity and alternate team basketball players during graduate school.

Your personalized fitness program will teach you to be independent so that you do not require repeat expenses. Tom's scientific monthly methodology will measure your body’s fat %, water %, pounds of muscle and high density bone, metabolic age, and calories burned per day to help you monitor your results.

Tom specializes in fat loss, youth fitness, speed and vertical leap training, and taking your medical/biological conditions/limitations in stride to find alternate exercises for maximum effectiveness and comfort. Call 343-3634 to make an appointment.


Sheryl Nulph : Aerobics and Dance Instructor- Sheryl is an extremely popular instructor for Columbus Fit, LLC and has taught dance classes for 25 years or more. A talented Broadway style actress, singer, and performer, Sheryl has a tough side and can work you intensely for a solid two hours. Sheryl brings a variety of strengths to the gym including but not limited to interval training, boot camp aerobics, toning, step, water aerobics, and a creative desire to innovate new classes to keep it fun.


Denny Stanley : Fitness Trainer, 25+ years experience, former owner of Barbell Club & Columbus Family Fitness. Denny is affectionately known as COACHY and is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to weight lifting and cardiovascular exercise. Denny is available for personal consultation and fitness and is well known for giving an all-out effort to help you with your fitness needs. Call 526-5078 to make an appointment.


Barb Newton : As an early riser Barb carries the morning Step/Toning class for the group of ladies who are real winter go-getters. Her 5:15 a.m. to 6:15 a.m. aerobics class will invigorate your morning and have you feeling great all day. Barb is very motivational and has extensive aerobics experience of 20+ years.