Weight Room

At Columbus Fit the free weight room is stocked with Iron Grip plates and dumbbells. The entire IGX line offers many innovative features making it more safe and easier to use than the hodgepodge of different lots of weights in the "other guy's" gym. These weights are calibrated for symetry and the built-in easy-to-grip ergonomic handles make transfers a breeze. Many injuries are caused each year from weights falling on feet. These weights help prevent such needless but potentially serious and sometimes permanent foot injury.

Our weight room is equiped with 3 fully adjustable benches for dumbbell work, one Cybex-Smith rack, one Hammer Strength plate-loaded hack press, one plate loaded Cybex leg press, one plate loaded Cybex leg curl, 3 flat bench presses with individual weight racks on each press, 2 incline presses with weight racks, 1 decline press, 1 power rack, 1 squat rack, 2 full sets of dumbells between 5 and 50 pounds, 1 set of dumbells from 55 to 100 pounds, and 2 preacher curl racks.